Janet Gerhard

Janet Gerhard

Inquizo believes in challenging the status quo.  We breakdown conventional thinking enabling your business to unlock productivity, capture more loyalty with customers, and create a business environment where your people will achieve their full potential.

Michael Hvisdos

Michael Hvisdos

Inquisitive thinking, exploration, investigation, and learning.  A thirst for knowledge.
Curiosity is the major driving force and discipline behind everything we do.


Some companies outperform others even in the most demanding market conditions, is your company one of them? For most companies, the simple answer is no. In fact, most companies don’t even realize that the very same business practices, which initially made them successful, are the same ones that will make their business extinct why, because they are too afraid to challenge their own status quos.

Inquizo pushes our clients to think differently about their business processes, practices, and the markets they serve. We show them how challenging the status quo of their customers and internal practices delivers long-term value for customers and for their business. We work with clients to embed these behaviors into business strategies and we help transform organizations from being execution centric to evolution experts.

How does your company challenge the status quo?



Productivity of people in your business is at an all time low. Recently, Gallup released a survey finding that only 30% of Americans are engaged at work, while 50% are “just kind of present” and an alarming 20% are actively disengaged or miserable. This is absolutely killing the productivity of businesses. To combat this, most business implement process rigor and begin managing activities vs. business outcomes, further compounding this problem.

Equipping your people with skills they need to be more successful, creating a culture that allows people to make guided decisions, and teaching managers how to work with people to unlock their full potential is the only way to increase productivity, keep engagement at work, and reduce turnover in your business.

How engaged are your people?



Developing customer loyalty is harder than ever in B2B because businesses have complicated business structures (silos), channels to market (direct and distributors), and they have large accounts with many people engaging the same customer. To make matters worse, your B2B customer make decisions by committee to reduce risk. Research has shown that most dissatisfied customers do not complain – in fact, the average business only hears from 4% of its unhappy customers. Even more shockingly, between 65% and 90% of dissatisfied customers never complain, they simply never buy from you again.

If you want loyal customers businesses must make every interaction with the customer count. Inquizo works with our clients to migrate from measuring customer satisfaction to understanding, measuring and delivering an experience with every customer that builds loyalty and ensures their B2B customers repurchase, purchase more and become vocal advocates for your business.

How loyal are your customers?


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Testing Curiosity

There is a direct link between curiosity levels and the performance of your people,  Want to know the curiosity level of your people and business?  Contact Inquizo to get started.